Adore Him

O Come Let Us Adore Him, O Come Let us Adore Him, O Come Let us Adore Him – Christ the King. 
Who or what are you adoring this Christmas?  Have you been distracted away from the baby in the manger? What we adore we will worship, and what we worship we will adore. 

It is Christmas, but nothing in your life feels like Christmas this year.  Where are the excitement and joy?  Most of all, where is the peace?  Life is such a mess this year, there is no peace on earth that you can find.  People don’t have a clue what happens behind the closed doors of your home, the mess of a life that chokes out all the wonderful things of this season that others seem to be experiencing. It is impossible to enjoy even all the Christmas lights flashing in your face, let alone to focus and meditate on the true meaning of Christmas.  Not only do you have no peace in this season, but you have no hope of peace for the future. No, this Christmas you don’t feel peace, just hopelessness.

When we try to find peace in the wrong places, they end up becoming idols in our lives.  We make everything else besides God our God and then we wonder why we have no peace.  We bow to the idols in our lives and gorge ourselves on sin until we are sick and completely empty of peace.  We use these idols to cope with the chaos in our lives and we end up in worse shape than when we started.  We are full of all the wrong things and empty of what we so desperately need, and we haven’t coped with anything – we have just added more stuff that we have to cope with because it is Satan’s vicious cycle.  We are adoring all the wrong things when we should be at the manger adoring Jesus. 

The best thing about Christmas is that Jesus brings all to us that we can never find or make or get for ourselves, no matter how hard we try.  He brings love, joy, hope and peace, which can only be found in the baby in the manger. We can bring our broken dreams and messed up lives to the manger and He gives us what nothing else in the world can provide. 

This is the perfect time to think about what you adore.  Why is it that you don’t feel peace?  Are you looking in the wrong place?  You won’t find the right things in the wrong places.  What do you adore?  Are you adoring Christ the newborn King?  Are you making Christ the King of your heart?  What we adore we will worship, and what we worship we will adore.  Instead of thinking about all the peace you are lacking, start adoring the right thing and peace will come.  When we adore Him, no matter the circumstances in our lives, we can find peace.  He is the one constant in this life, who never leaves us in the middle of the chaos, and never forsakes us. 

What we adore we will worship and what we worship we will adore.  

Make this Christmas about adoring the newborn King and making Him the King of your heart.  Lay down the mess, lay down the anxiousness, lay down the worry – lay it all down at the manger.  Give it to the King of Kings and Adore Him, worship Him, and find peace in the baby in the manger who became the savior on the cross.  Only then will you find true and lasting peace.

By Lara Cook

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