O Little Town of Bethlehem – What You Mean to Me

O Bethlehem – quiet, peaceful and holy. Somewhere in your town tonight a King is born.

I can just imagine the quiet stillness of this little, serene town, completely oblivious to what is happening in a stable on the edge of town.  A King is born tonight.

There hangs a beautiful shining star in the sky as a banner – a banner declaring His birth. A banner over you and me, and the whole wide world. The everlasting light.  A King is born tonight.

The hopes and fears of all the years – the span of our greatest dreams to the deepest darkness that plagues our soul. You, tiny babe, come bringing all the hope and all the power to destroy all the fears.  A King is born tonight.

How silently you came, how silently this gift was given. No regal fanfare, no great announcement heralding your arrival, but the soft sounds of the animals in the stable.  A King is born tonight.

Meek and mild – born in the simplest and lowest of conditions.  You came. You came to cast out our sin and enter in – enter in my heart and fill it up. Enter in my life and resurrect my dry bones. Come to me, abide with me and I will abide in you.  A King is born tonight.

Mary, gentle mother, who gave her life as a bond slave to God – her whole life.  She gave her life so that you could give your life for us.  You came, and You have the power to piece together every broken heart and every broken life and every broken family and every broken everything.

Your one life gives life to all who seek You.

Blessed Bethlehem where a King is born tonight.  King of the world and King of my life… 

By Lara Cook


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