Fear and Anxiety After Miscarriage – Rebekah Gibson

While finding out this past October that we are pregnant with a little girl and starting to prepare our home and our hearts for this gift from God has been exciting, it’s honestly also been really hard for me. Every single day has held a knockdown-drag-out fight against fear & anxiety. Because, truthfully, being pregnant after two miscarriages just feels really fragile most days. I’ve allowed my mind to be gripped by fear, which was so well-defined by Louie Giglio as believing that “…apart from, or in spite of, our best efforts, something undesirable is going to happen and we can’t stop it.” The fear that I’m fighting is that this pregnancy will end just as the others have – in a loss.

Even though I know the goodness of God follows me, that He loves me & shows me that love in everything he gives AND takes away, I also know that sometimes His loving kindness, though always sanctifying, can be painful. That’s what He taught through those two miscarriages.

He gives nothing but good gifts & exactly what we need. It’s just that sometimes our stubborn hearts NEED to be reached through something that we wouldn’t necessarily choose for ourselves.

God has graciously been refining my heart over the last two years to understand His perfect sovereignty in a new way. But here is what He’s taught me over the past 18 weeks about fear. It doesn’t go away unless you fight it. It will chew away at your life and erode your sense of confidence in the Lord if you don’t fight fear with FAITH. And guess what? You can’t fight fear with faith if you don’t know what God promises to you through His word. His word is rich in His promises to be near to us, to care for us, to shoulder our burdens, and to give us more of Himself so that we can overcome the scary things in our lives. But fear won’t ever leave you if you don’t push it out with truth. So BE IN THE WORD. Write it on your heart. Tape it next to your bed so that His promise is the first thing you see in the morning & the last thing you read at night. Take action in the fight for faith over fear and watch God show you that you can walk in peace that the world will never overcome. #goliathmustfall

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