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Today our lives are busier than ever.  It seems we are always on the run to practices or ball games or church.  Maintaining balance is hard enough, and then there are the really important things that we struggle to make sure we fit in, like teaching our children about God.  Read this blog submitted by Donna Lindquist for a simple strategy to incorporate a family devotional time into our busy lives.

Weekly Word ABC’s Family Devotional Time by Donna Lindquist
Are you struggling with creating a weekly family devotional time? Here is an easy method that uses the letters of the alphabet to create an in-depth word study that can be challenging to all members of your family. Utilize both the Old and New Testaments as well as Bible software or phone apps to motivate individual daily study. Each letter should correspond with foundational Bible stories or verses. Remember to post your weekly word somewhere visually for your family, and then organize a once a week family devotional challenge which encourages each member to share a verse or story that relates to that weekly word. Feel free to use this list or create your own:

A: Abide F: Forgive K: Kingdom P: Psalm 23 U: Upon Z: Zion
B: Believe G: Go L: Love Q: Quiet V: Victory
C: Cross H: Heaven M: Money R: Rejoice W: Wisdom
D: Day I: I AM N: Number S: Serve X: Xerxes
E: Excuse J: Jesus; Jonah O: Obey T: Truth; Trust Y: Yes

Some families look up how many times the word is used in the Bible, or create a challenge for each child with the desired reward as motivation. For example, you may challenge a ten-year-old to memorize Psalm 23, with a dinner out reward; or challenge a six-year-old to retell the story of Jonah and the whale, for an ice-cream reward.

The key is to get creative with different methods and what works for your family.

In my own personal devotionals, I have found that repetition is important as well as writing in a daily journal, however, my sister incorporates an artist approach with drawing and other creative methods.
All of these are avenues that offer many benefits to families because they combine the foundation of language with the spiritual insight and truths of God’s word. It also creates some wonderful family dinner conversations.

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” Psalm 119:11

By Donna Lindquist

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