Twenty for Twenty – Release: The Art of Letting Go

The steps of a good man are established by the Lord when he delights in His way. Psalm 37:23

Release. I am still processing this one – or avoiding it. Four months ago I would never have thought that release would be a word for 2020 but I am realizing that I will release many things this year. Release is one of those words that can feel good sometimes but other times it will be the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Every time we release something a part of us goes with it, and often it is a big chunk of our heart. In the middle of that group of people is my son. Nothing can compare to seeing those who love your children laying hands on them and praying over them.

I’m still caught up in this. A week later and still processing  – but running out of time quickly. He leaves next week fo fulfill the calling God has laid on his heart. So bittersweet. As mothers we are very familiar with the bittersweet moments in life.

Honestly, release is never easy for me. It is hard, even in the best case scenario because anytime you release it is a conscious decision on your part to do so. You must decide to turn loose. Releasing our kids into the world is one of the hardest things we ever have to do. Even if we have taught them everything they need to know, it’s a big crazy world out there and no one knows that better than a momma.

Release takes the most trust we could ever have in our Savior. Whether we are releasing something we need to release or if we are releasing our kids to spread their wings, it takes trust in Jesus to open our clenched fists.

Letting go of things we need to let go of will eventually bring peace and relief, like a huge burden has been lifted – because it has! I strive to figure out the solution to the problems I face, yet I can never come up with one, and I become exhausted and more worried the longer I try. I know by experience that letting go and giving these things over to God is the best thing, and then pray. A lot.

I know that He can take care of my children so much better than I can.

I know that He can work everything out for their good and His way of doing that is so much better than mine.

I know that He already has a plan and He already has it all worked out, I just need to get out of the way and let Him do it.

I am overwhelmed by the way He always works things out for my good.,i

I know that release means I am releasing him to God for both the good and hard things He has planned for Him. Up until now I have had some control over the good and bad that has happened to him. As mothers we still keep our hands on our kids, thinking that we have then power to protect them when all along, we really don’t. He has been yours God for a long time but I am now forced to completely surrender and take my hands off. I know the hard tings will be good for him and they are part of His plan too.

When the things we carry get heavy we have a Savior ready and waiting to take them. He never intended for us to keep it all and try to carry it ourselves, whether it is our family, or our career, or our finances, or our marriage. He is waiting to relieve us so we can rest in Him. I don’t know about you, but I am tired and ready to release these things to Him and rest in Him.

By Lara Cook