Twenty for Twenty – Step

Step. Two reasons Step is a Twenty for Twenty word:
1. I want each and every step I take this year to be directed by God, ordained by God, and illuminated by God. I do not want to take any more steps in my life that are not steps He has laid out for me. I will seek Him in every step I take.
2. I want to have the courage to take the steps He leads me to take. I want to be brave enough to take possession of the good things, the promised land, that He has already claimed for me.

The Children of Israel had been wandering for 40 years. Moses died and leadership had been transferred to Joshua, and the time had finally come for them to take possession of the promised land that God had promised their ancestors. God calls Joshua to lead the Children of Israel in taking possession of the land that He has already claimed for them.

In order for them to enter the Promised Land, they had to cross the Jordan River, and at this time it was at flood stage, swollen and treacherous. God doesn’t call us into calm waters. He calls us out into raging waves, where we have to trust Him.

The rushing floods of the Jordan are sweet refreshment coming out of the scorching deserts we find ourselves in.  When you have set your life on fire with bad choices and wrong decisions, the rushing of the water that leads to freedom is welcomed.  It is far less daunting than staying where you are.  Step into the water.  Step into the rushing.  Step into the flooding.  Step into His will, His safety, His guidance.  His promise.  It is scary, and it will be rough.  But aren’t you ready now?  Aren’t you ready to be pulled under the rushing waters, to come up cleansed?  Isn’t it worth it now to go through whatever comes to walk onto the banks of Canaan – your promised land, the life God has for you to claim?  Isn’t even drowning in the Jordan better than staying on the banks, out of His will and plans, watching it rush by?  Step in and let the water wash it all away.  Isn’t it worth it to leave behind the sin, shame, guilt, and pain of living a life out of His bounds?  The struggle of the Jordan is so much sweeter than the struggle of sin.

You won’t drown crossing the Jordan, but you will learn some things, and you will never be the same again – in the best way.

It will be lonely – When you step off the banks into the water, it is just you and Jesus.  You may not have the support or confirmation of anyone around you.  They may not understand, and part of stepping into the river is leaving some of them behind. What you have to be okay with is that they don’t need to understand. This is about you and God.

It will be treacherous – It won’t be easy.  The water is rough and the undergrowth is thick.  The river is wide, and you will feel like you aren’t going to make it at times.  You will go under – the minute you step in – but not for long. Jesus grabs hold of us, pulling us up out of the water as we trust Him for every step as we cross.

It will be worth it -Stepping into the Jordan is terrifying, but staying on the banks is even worse. Jesus will be there with you, taking your hand, leading you into the water, asking you to trust Him.  Leave behind what needs to be left and look ahead to what His promise holds.  

Are you there?  Do you wish you were there, ready to step out and leave behind what needs to be left so that you can claim what God has for you?  Girl, just close your eyes and jump.  Crossing that river can only mean good things ahead.  Good, hard, God things.  It is the only thing between you and everything you ever wanted – that you didn’t even know you wanted because you could never imagine the promised land He has waiting for you. 

Sometimes the hardest step to take is to not take a step at all because He may have you exactly where He wants you for His purpose. We don’t ever feel productive unless we are physically moving and doing all the things.  But sometimes the work He has for us just requires us to be steadfast and persevere. He may leave you on the banks for a while to accomplish His plans. He may be preparing you for battle because when you get to the other side, there may be battles to fight to take possession of what He has claimed for you.

God has claimed a promised land for us and it is just across our Jordan. I hope you and I are both brave enough to take the hard steps that He wants us to take this year, or to wait patiently and not step until He says Go.

By Lara Cook

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